Move My Hot Tub


Hot Tub Moving Services:

Hot Tub Delivery tight spaces

Hot Tub Delivery onto a small patio

To Schedule a hot tub move- please call the office Mon-Sat between 10-5 801-737-4515

Standard Hot Tub Move: $350

  • spa is drained and power turned off to the spa
  • access to the spa location is generally flat or mildly sloped without steps etc
  • path to the spa will accommodate our special hot tub moving wagon (42″ wide-10″long x 8′ tall) and allow room to  safely maneuver
  • spa is structurally sound – (cabinet is secure etc)
  • Weight of the spa is less than 800lbs
  • Distance of move is less than 10 miles

Additional services that may add cost to your hot tub move:

  • Crane service about $250, and is typically required if the spa must be lifted or lowered more than 4′
  • If the Hot Tub is heavy it will require extra manpower to lift from its horizontal position up to vertical on to our spa dolly or sled.  We can provide the extra manpower provided for $69 per man hour including drive time from our office- or the homeowner may provide the extra manpower required to help lift/lower the hot tub into position.
  • If the yard is smooth grass, but extra steep, additional manpower may be required.
  • Steps-it is sometimes possible to transport the spa up or down steps- depending on how many, how steep and the approach/landing…  a picture of the obstacle is always helpful in determining if extra resources or costs are required.
  • Distance of the move & relative location to our store may add additional cost.
  • Schedule- our price is based on our best most efficient coordination of our installers, IE: several tasks in the same geographical area.  If you require service outside of our normal scheduling, there may be an extra fee.
  • Installation- the standard move delivers the spa to its new home… it does not include connecting or running power, filling the spa, chemicals or site preparation…all of these services are available- please be sure to discuss your specific needs when you call or email.
  • Pre-move Site Visit… $89… if you want a firm quote on the cost of the move… we can arrange for our crew to do a site visit… cost for this service is $89


We strive to provide the best tools and training available to ensure that your hot tub is moved without incident, however we can not accept liability for :

  • items in the yard that are in harms way- because the access to the spa is through a tight space…IE: yard gnomes, solar lights, side of the house, vehicles, shrubberies etc…
  • minor scuffs to the spa that may occur during the moving process
  • Structural instability of your spa… IE: if it falls apart while we are moving it.
  • any functionality of the hot tub

To Schedule a hot tub move- please call the office Mon-Sat between 10-5 801-737-4515

or send an email to   remember to include pictures of any obstacles.

Hot Tub Delivery Trailer

Hot Tub Delivery using Sled
Hot Tub Delivery using Sled

Hot Tub Delivery around Obstacle

Hot Tub Trailer- tips up to unload Spa
Hot Tub Trailer- tips up to unload Spa
Winter delivery in 2' of Snow

Winter delivery in 2′ of Snow

Hot Tub Delivery Over Concrete Path

Hot Tub Delivery Over Concrete Path