Pre-Delivery Checklist


For all you list oriented people, here is a “How To Install A Hot Tub” graphic to help you prepare for you hot tub installation.

How To Install A Hot Tub

The most common question we are asked is “will my deck support my new hot tub?”
5,000lbs does sound like a lot of weight… but if you divide 5,000lbs by 64 square feet (the size of our larger spa) you will find that your new hot tub weighs in at about 79lbs per square foot.
Most decks in Utah are built to support that kind of weight…however if you are concerned about the weight carrying capacity of your deck… we have a deck contractor that can beef up your decks weight carrying capacity for a couple hundred dollars. While we are happy to offer advice it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that the location you plan on installing your hot tub is suitably prepared etc…