Mobile Factory Showroom


We hear from our customers all the time…

Bullfrog Mobile Showroom- parking lot event

Bullfrog Mobile Showroom- parking lot event

“I am so impressed with the innovative design of Bullfrog Spas!”

We know that people don’t often buy a hot tub on a whim… they shop &  shop & shop some more… and we believe  that it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone in our area has the opportunity to compare Bullfrog Spas to other brands.  It is important for us to create as many opportunities as possible.  Towards that end we have invested in the Bullfrog Hot Tubs mobile showroom.  This investment in a specialized Mobile showroom (spa totter) has been a great way for me to hop in the truck on a Saturday and stop by Peach Days or Cherry Days or South Ogden founders days a car show, or one of the many fund raisers for the Primary Children’s foundation (where we raised over $10,000 by donating a hot tub, that was raffled off for the foundation).   Watch for us at an event or parking lot in your area…this will be your opportunity to come see first hand what a JetPak is, or if you have been shopping for awhile and already know all about Bullfrog Spas, this will be a convenient opportunity to stop by & see the different spa models in person and choose the one that will best fit your family.  Often at these events we are able to offer extra incentives to purchase your new Bullfrog Spa.

Below is a gallery of just a few of the stops the mobile factory showroom has made over the last couple years.  Most of these events we brought the spa totter all loaded up with spas… sometimes we parked the spa totter nearby so you’d be able to find us & at Cherry days we brought the empty spa totter to founders days & used it for the community stage.