Jul 202014

This used hot tub- Bullfrog model # 552 was traded in for a newer model…

The team at the factory has thoroughly gone through this hot tub. The refurbishing process includes 72 hours in our test bay making sure the pumps, heater electronics etc. all working properly & they are replaced as required, Jets, pillows plastic trim etc are replaced if they look worn.. The spa is detailed- if the cover is deemed in good condition it is cleaned and the cover & cabinet are treated with 303 protectant. In some cases the acrylic on the spa is damaged along the way & the techs repair that acrylic damage & evidence of that repair is sometimes evident.

Refurbished Bullfrog Spas include a one year warranty on all components.

Here is the link to the specs on this spa Bullfrog 552

Below are the  pictures of the actual spa being offered.


Used Bullfrog 552.JPG

Bullfrog Spa- Model # 552 Mirage/Beachwood

Used Bullfrog 552

refurbished bullfrog 552


New Equipment Door

Bullfrog Spa model # 552- new equipment door

New 8 button control panel

New 8 button premium control panel

Filter Door

filter cover

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (6)

gyrosage & cascadia jetpaks

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (5)

neck masseuse jetpak

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (3)

Neckblaster & Rainshower Jetpaks

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (2)

Deluxe Lounge with calf & foot jets

Bullfrog 552 inside pics of Jets (1)

Deluxe Recliner

Bullfrog 552 Grey Cover (1)

Cover direct from Bullfrog- JetPak Logo in cover


Used Bullfrog 552

Bullfrog 552 overhead view