May 252011


Looking at a used hot tub?  Before you buy a used hot tub with no warranty… you should definitely consider one of these spas that have been traded in and refurbished by the factory… This spa is cobalt blue interior with a redwood exterior… the 682 is a 2006 and the 662 is a 2005…. typically this model of spa new goes for $13,000 and up depending on how they are equipped… Our service department will go through these spas testing the motors- jets etc…and replace anything that is showing wear. Depending on their condition we will be offering these next week for up to 50% off the original price.

They will carry a lifetime warranty on the shell against leaking-as well as a lifetime warranty on the removable JetPaks… the remainder of the spa will come with a one year warranty on the pumps,electronics, jets…etc…

Why consider a refurbished spa from Bullfrog?

1-Bullfrogs JetPak system with it’s unique leakproof design offers long term peace of mind… the Jetpak system is patented and not available on any other spa… so you can feel confident that your spas plumbing will last… and comes with a lifetime guarantee…and is so easy to service the spa can remain full of water- even in the event that a pak requires service.

2-Warranty- because the spa is refurbished and sold by the Bullfrog Factory outlet…it comes with a great warranty… remember all spas warranties typically end when ownership is transferred away from the original owner…

3-Locally manufactured… when you purchase a hot tub from Bullfrog Spas… you are supporting your local economy…and even more important the factory is near by should you need a part down the road…most parts are available same day… you won’t have to wait for a part to be shipped from Canada-China or wherever that other brand of spa is made.

below are pictures of the actual spa… it looks great… This spa is on display at our Layton store.