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Nov 202010

Exclusive to Bullfrog Spas… the Cabana Escape is on sale this week.

save $500 on the Cabana- when purchased with a new hot tub

Introducing the Cabana Escape

The World’s Only Automatic Spa Privacy Enclosure

Benefits of Ownership:
• Long-lasting
• Personal Spa Private Escape
• Vacation in your Own Backyard
• Automatic Gazebo- Moves up and down with the push of a button
• Safety Cover- Control your spa’s use with lock and key

Vacation at Home: Create your personal day spa atmosphere without even leaving your own backyard. The combination of your brand new Bullfrog Spa and Cabaña Escape creates a beautiful, safe, and private place for you to relax and increase your health and wellness. Innovation is what we do. We have the world’s only spa with our massaging JetPaks and the world’s only automatic privacy enclosure. You cannot find a maintenance free gazebo and spa cover for a better value than you will experience in the Cabaña Escape. You will also not need to purchase a gazebo, spa cover-lifter, or multiple covers over the lifetime of your spa with the Cabaña Escape. Enjoy the many benefits of your Bullfrog Spa and Cabaña Escape today!

The Cabana Escape (covana) is warrantied from the manufacturer for 2years… With the first year covering parts and labor.  The minimum size required to install the cover is 8’7″ x 8′ 10″ and it fits all of the Bullfrog models except for our very smallest model 231 or 331. 6’6 is the minimum and 7’10″‘ is the largest. For installation it does require a flat,level surface concrete is nice- but pavers or a deck also work.  The cabana can be installed recessed in a deck and will accommodate spas ranging in height from 32″ and up and fully extended reaches a height of 9′. (note: it can be adjusted so that it raises no higher than 8′)   The opening between the top of the spa and the cover when fully extended is 4′.   When recessed in a deck the opening would still be 4′.

The Cabana is available in 2 colors brown & grey & has available privacy blinds for all 4 sides.

When you buy from Bullfrog Spas of Ogden/ Layton or from one of our offsite events we include delivery and installation.

Sep 262010

Just in… customer has traded in his Bullfrog Hot Tub Model 682

Excellent condition- in the hard to find Cobalt Blue Color…

“Sold”… sorry this spa is no longer available!

This is truly a rare find.. a trade in spa with absolutely no damage- this spa is on display in our Ogden Showroom

It is being offered with a lifetime warranty on the shell & jetpak plumbing and a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty on all electronics, pumps, jets etc…

come visit the North Ogden Showroom & see this great deal.

for the price of only $??? ( wow it’s so low I just can’t post it on the net… come visit the store for details)  we will deliver this spa to your home in Weber, Davis or Boxelder County…or to Morgan or Cache counties for a couple hundred more.

This is an incredible price on a Bullfrog Hot Tub…

similar to the picture below of a new bullfrog hot tub model 682- except the spa offered is in cobalt blue… a darker blue color- with a driftwood grey exterior

also this spa has the volcano in the center of the footwell.

Bullfrog Spa model 682

Bullfrog hot tub model 682

Aug 312010

Mobile Command Center- Arrives in Northern Utah

Bullfrog Spas & Hot Tubs of Northern Utah– Ogden & Layton is proud to announce the addition of our New Mobile Command Center/Roadshow Trailer to our arsenol of Marketing Tools.   This new off site office will expand our ability to bring the traveling Hot Tub showroom to off site events all over Nothern Utah, Southern Idaho  & Evanston Wyoming.   Watch for the traveling showroom at a parking lot, grocery store, mall, home show, or fair near you.

Aug 292010

The bullfrog spa crew is coming to Moab over UEA Weekend… we are staying in the condos at Rim Village & We are bringing several model 231 hot tubs… We have already arranged to deliver and install 2 hot tubs while we are there & we’ve got room for 2 more on our trailer… If you have a condo in Moab… call me right away to arrange for us to deliver a bullfrog hot tub to your condo.  We come to Moab several times a year & will be trading a portion of the hot tub purchase price for stay in your condo!

Aug 292010

Another Utah City Features Bullfrog Spas in their Monthly Newsletter

Clearfield City Monthly


Bullfrog Tent Event

You probably saw the news story back in March about the Bullfrog Spas blimp balloon that went missing from their Legend Hills, Clearfield location. Apparently, someone had tampered with the tether, and Bullfrog Spa co-owner Shawn Maynard was sure the balloon was long gone. However, the story ended happily as a family 45 miles away in Herriman had gone out for ice cream, only to have the balloon land on their minivan a few blocks from home. Just like the unique balloon experience, Bullfrog Spas is unique in that they are the only spa which is manufactured here in Utah, for Utah climate. “Bullfrog spas are the most efficient spas available,”explained Maynard, who co-owns the Clearfield and North Ogden factory outlet stores with business partner Chris Brown. “Our spas retain more heat than any other spa as it actually captures the heat generated by the motor during its filter cycle and heats the spa with that recycled heat. That translates into a long motor life and low power bills, typically in the $12 -$20 range per month in the winter.” There is no plumbing to the spa –it simply fills with a garden hose, using the same amount of water as filling your bathtub several times. Bullfrog Spas use jetpak technology, which is a modular design allowing any service to be easily performed without having to drain the spa. The plumbing is contained in the jetpak, instead of out in the spa shell, which would mean all of the heat would typically be lost to the yard. Not so with the jetpack. The modular design also allows for customization. “Today, next week, or three years from now, a person can move or replace the entire jetpak module with a different therapeutic jet configuration,”Maynard offered. “Recently we had a customer from two years ago come in because she had been in a car accident. She now had a need for neck and shoulder therapy. Within 15 minutes she had replaced one of her existing jetpaks with a different module specifically configured to work on the neck and shoulders.” “Every week people are referred to us by their physician or chiropractor as a way to ease their aches and pains,”continued Maynard. “Often a Bullfrog spa can reduce visits to the physical therapist, and many of our customers swear that since they bought their spa they soak in it every night and sleep better for it.” People buy spas not only for therapeutic benefits. The social aspect can be just as appealing, as many families buy a spa as a type of “stay-cation”providing important family time soaking together in the spa.

Bullfrog Spas have been in Clearfield since 2006 –first on Antelope Drive, then moving to their current location in November 2009, offering the store high visibility from I-15. “The Legend Hills location allows us to grow, with hopes of eventually turning into a super-store,”said Maynard. Their two factory outlet stores have experienced tremendous growth and combined were the number one hot tub store in the United States for Bullfrog Spas. Bullfrog Spas offer anywhere from a three-person model specifically designed to fit through a standard door opening up to the large eight-person model. Prices typically range from $4,000 to $15,000; however, because Bullfrog Spas are manufactured in Utah they are able to discount prices by as much as $4,000 off the list price. If you’ve noticed their big blue tent in the parking lot of Legend Hills, you might be interested in their EZ Up tent loan program. Any organization is free to borrow one or more of Bullfrog Spa’s 10×10 pop up tents (smaller than the blue tent) to use for shade at a community event, whether it’s for soccer games or a farmer’s market booth. “We are happy to provide the shade, and of course, don’t mind that the tent has our logo on it,”Maynard shared. “We like to remind our neighbors to think of us for their pool and spa needs. We just ask that the tents are returned in good condition, and try to reserve them at least a week or two ahead of time.” To learn more or view pictures of the tents used for miscellaneous community events visit their website at and click on the community tab. In addition to the EZ Up tent loan program, both store locations offer free water testing. If you have a spa, even if you didn’t purchase it from Bullfrog, or a pool, you can visit their stores which are equipped with computerized water testing stations. They’ll test your water for free and train you on how to keep your pool and hot tub water crystal clear. They also sell barbeque grills and heating and air conditioning services at both of their locations.
Bullfrog Spas is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00am –6:00pm, and after hours by appointment. Visit their website or call (801) 773-2800 for more information on their lifetime warranty information on their spas, and to reserve an EZ Up tent.

July 2010   5

Aug 262010

10/27/2010   This Hot Tub is sold… please call to see if we have similar spas in the works.

We just took a trade in bullfrog model 552 hot tub,

this spa has been refurbished by the team at the factory and is in GREAT shape… This double recliner hot tub  looks great & comes with a lifetime warranty on the jetpaks & shell & a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty on all other parts.

This 552 hot tub  is currently on display at our parking lot clearance event at the North Ogden Factory Outlet

Spa color is Sandstone & Driftwood- sandstone is the light grey granite color- very durable.

This 552 hot tub by Bullfrog is available for $5,000 off the list price of a new spa.  This spa includes cover & cover lifter along with professional delivery to your patio.

Bullfrog Spas model 552

Jun 272010

Bullfrog Spas factory outlets periodically gathers display models, scratch and dent, and reconditioned hot tubs and makes them available to our Utah neighbors.  We are currently have the following available in our North Ogden, Newgate Mall and Layton Utah stores.

2-… SOLD 552 spas:  pearl with redwood cabinets 2009 models minor scuffs from display at home shows etc… these models are discounted  $3,500 off regular list price (these models come with the Bullfrog Lifetime Warranty)

1-SOLD552 platinum & coastal grey… refurbished  $5,000 off regular list price…(this model comes with a 1 year warranty)

1 SOLD–662 snow & grey… 2009 model minor scuffs from display at home shows etc… this model is discounted  $3,500 off regular list price (this model come with the Bullfrog Lifetime Warranty)

1-662 mirage & mahogany 2008 model -refurbished  $5,000 off regular list price…(this model comes with a 1 year warranty)

1-662 sand & grey…2007 model – Display $4,000 off regular list price… comes with full factory warranty

1-SOLD 682 blue & redwood…2006 model- refurbished  $6,000 off regular list price…(this model comes with a 1 year warranty)

1-562 platinum & Teak … 2005 model- refurbished $5,000 off regular list price…(this model comes with a 1 year warranty)

1-SOLD 331 cobalt & grey… 2005 model- refurbished $4,500 off regular list price…(this model comes with a 1 year warranty)

1-SOLD 462 Graphite & Mahogany…2009 this is a brand new spa with a blem it has a 3 inch area on the outer lip that was damaged in the manufacturing process & is shiny (where the rest of the spa is textured)   if you are looking for a bargain- but still want brand new…this is a great deal for you…   $3,000 off the regular list price…(and it comes with the full lifetime warranty & 3 year equipment warranty)…

We started with about 50 of these spas and we are down to just a handful… if you’ve been looking for a great clearance price on a bullfrog hot tub… and you’re not too picky about the color or some minor scratches etc… hurry in,  these won’t last long.

Jun 272010

This summer watch for us throughout the valley- were bringing the showroom to a parking lot, fair, founders day, or parade near you… click here to see where the bullfrog tent event is this week.

May 072010

We know we have the best product out there, for us that’s the easy part…the challenge for us is getting the word out.  We work really hard, bringing our mobile showroom to a convenient parking lot, grocery store, founders day, parade, charity event near you.  Watch for us all summer long.  Visit our traveling hot tub showroom.

Bullfrog Spas & Hot tubs has been featured in the leading trade magazines for our proactive approach to hot tub marketing.

Below is the article that appeared in the October 2009 issue of AQUA MAGAZINE.

bullfrog spas at state fair

Bullfrog Spas  | Ogden, Utah
Goin’ mobile

Like its amphibian namesake, Bullfrog Spas of Ogden has found that the key to survival lies in mobility. Not the lily- pad-to-lily-pad kind, but the ability to move spas and even the showroom itself, quickly and easily to remote locations. This acquired skill has enabled the dealership to thrive in tough times.

The company is able to set up an inviting retail venue — a “mobile showroom,” in the words of Shawn Maynard, co-owner — at all sorts of festivals and events, where spas are either sold directly or advertised indirectly to the community at large.

“We own several event tents and we use them to set up a mobile showroom, complete with carpet and 10 spas and inflatable balloons and things like that. It’s typically a two- or three-week event somewhere away from the store.  At this type of  event, we’ll sell a bunch of spas. When we are at the tent event we offer what our extra incentives to give our customers a reason to buy from us today.

“The short-term nature of the event lends to the validity of the deal and the urgency to buy now. It’s an effective tool. It’s designed to sell spas and it does. The only downside is it’s a fair-weather thing.”

Bringing spas from the dealership to a place where potential customers are gathered is a central part of the company’s strategy. Even when the spas don’t sell, they provide great advertising. It may be a simple matter of a spa set up at a grocery store across town with a sign that says, “Enter to win a Bullfrog spa.”

“That business [where we set up the spa] gets to  give a spa away, and the benefit for us, is that it’s a big advertisement that lives there for a month,” Maynard says. “So we will often have several of those around town.”

The dealership has also invested in a spa toter, which enables one person to put five spas on display at a remote location with minimum effort. Maynard usually dispatches the toter to one-day events.

It may not even produce a sale, Maynard says, “but mostly it’s a big giant billboard at this event and in front of all these people, and the person manning it gets to give educate the public about the uniqueness of Bullfrog Spas. We try to sell at these events, but that’s not really our primary purpose. It’s like a billboard except way more effective, because it’s a lot more personal.”

It takes a lot of extra work to keep spas out in front of consumers, but there’s really no choice, Maynard says. “When it gets tight like this, this is the kind of thing you have to do.”

May 022010

All the time we get asked- what is the quickest way to drain my bullfrog hot tub…. Thanks to Bullfrog Hot Tub owner Clay- we now know the fastest way to drain your bullfrog hot tub… If you look close-you will see that he pulled his headrests off and rotated his jetpaks up 90*… this isn’t necessarily the recommended way to drain your spa…but it looks like the most fun. For the rest of us- there is a place to connect your garden hose in the bottom… it takes a couple of hours- but you won’t get quite as wet & you can control where the water goes… Thanks Clay for this video.